$CFII If I thought CFII was a bad company, I wouldn't lie to you, I'd flat out tell you that it sucked ass and then short it into the ground. If you come check out the board, you're going to find a once in a lifetime opportunity that could very well be your key out of your daily grind. I've been spoonfeeding people this all day, but I care about seeing others succeed that I put in my time doing this. I don't need the money, I'm already comfy. When CFII goes to $20+ by mid March, I will make a donation to a local animal shelter and post proof on here. So by buying in here, you're 2nd hand donating to an animal shelter, not to mention that CFII which merges with View Smart Glass is already an ESG play that helps both health and lower energy use and carbon emissions. Lets help save puppies and the world together people. $VCNX $VIOT $SNDL $PLTR Who's ready to make some more $ on Monday?