$XXII Setting the FDA aside for the moment it appears that these low nicotine cigarettes never really got distribution or caught on with consumers. As they say where is the product/market fit? It makes sense to me that there would be one (as in we have it in beer with things like Ultra) but I'm not a smoker. The Cannabis genome thing is an interesting science project but there's no current business model for that.
@IPO_Candy Look, I get that if you have no scientific background you have to paint the world with a very broad brush. A fresh look is only useful if the perspective has something to add, you've added nothing. I asked you what you specifically found interesting about the cannabis genome because I know this is a nonsense statement on your part. You wouldn't know the first thing to do with a genome. Leave analysis of biotech companies to people that understand biotech and stop taking shits porches and calling it a 'fresh look'.
@Relias I do have a fairly extensive background and it includes a good bit of work on genetic technologies like CRISP/R and so forth. A fresh look isn't just about the science but also the business and ability for forecast increasing returns on invested capital. I've been an equity analyst since 1995 so do quite a bit of that. Not saying I'm always right, just that I am a practicing professional with a science and technology background. Just sharing my work.

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