$SPY this is a bit long winded but here it goes. This market isn’t moving on “rumors of a vaccine” that shit will not be available anyways for a year or better. Stop betting on “worst economic data in xyz years” everyone knows there’s people not working and businesses closing. This market is moving on the fact that the government has been taking unprecedented action like trillions in stimulus, paycheck protection, bailouts, historically long dated maturity debt issues at historically low rates (government basically can refi and kick the can down the road on our massive debt load), buying fucking ETFs for gods sake. “mortgages are going to be horrible,” no shit. The government is soaking up MBS like hot cakes and oh btw people aren’t getting evicted because the government says you can’t. There’s so many factors at play both domestically and internationally that in the long term may be good or bad, but in the short term they are what’s keeping food on tables and roofs over heads.
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