$IBIO You guys might not believe me but i have found substantial information Q3 ended march 31 This is Q4 which ends June 30 - Fiscal Year They said Pre clinical trials result will ne available Q3 Which has ended and they have positive results They started Phase 1 in start of June - Episode 12 Results in Mid July - im guessing July 17 We got played Ya’ll 2. I think episode 1 and Episode 12 were filmed the same day or timeframe and The Dr. from Texas A&M was given a script to talk from the future or something - He stumbles at CL-(inical) And he keeps on looking at his laptop 🚨😳🚨😳🚨😳🚨😳🚨😳 3. Peter Hotez From Ep1 and Ep12 has the same tye but episode 1 you have the sun and the same structure in the back Ep12 he messes up his hair and Its dark with the same structure I will be posting Pics - Take a look into it Im feeling Phase 1 or 2 results are coming in July with Phase 3 coming real sooner than we thought