$IBIO 🚨 Hey Guys ( especially newcomers ) i posted some stuff back in June about IBIO working with the ARMY (WRAIR) Well i also mentioned that the PENTAGON is backing the ARMY vaccine - Spike Protein Ferritin Nanoparticle Vaccine...So last week we got a small article saying IBIO’s Vaccines start Phase 2-3, together, in April 2021 (maybe even before with extraordinary results) and Army’s vaccine wont be ready until at least the summer of 2021...The TIMELINES match and IBIO’s Vaccines will already be stored for distribution before P2-3 trials...How can this not be OUR vaccine in the PENTAGON 😜😜😜 If you want to understand the WRAIR connection, go back to my posts from after June 10 (This is an old article btw*)
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