๐Ÿฅท๐Ÿ”ฅ@HanzoInu is about to revolutionize the crypto gaming space once their Massive multiplayer Online game is released that will not only be free but will also allow you to earn collectable NFTโ€™s you find in game that youโ€™ll be able to sell/trade on their NFT market place. So please donโ€™t come here trying to bash Hanzo $SHIB.X $SAFEMOON.X $DOGE.X
$HNZO.X Anyone who bad mouths this project HAS NOT taken the time to actually look into it. They preach DYOR, but donโ€™t follow it themselves. I understand a lot of memecoins have been disappointing and have been led by corrupt teams, but HNZO is not one of them. It is here to lead by example. If you arenโ€™t interested in the project, thatโ€™s fine.. but there is absolutely no reason to throw shit at it. None. Nada. Zero.
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