$CCIV stick to interior decorating bot. Don't tag our board. I don't care whose 🍆 you knobbed on. Get that trash ticker out of here
@TheCrow1 @The_Great_Correction If you’re daytrading SPACs, you’re never gonna be happy. With the exception of a few here and there, they usually aren’t instant movers. Not sure if you’re new or what or maybe you’ve been spoiled by the current bull market conditions. Stocks don’t only go up. Go play with $CCIV and ride those crazy waves like you’re a newbie surfing the North Shore. PS Good luck when all the hit pieces from the short sellers come out letting everyone know that its current valuation puts Lucid as being worth more than half of Nissan’s market cap when they haven’t produced a single car yet. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lucid and they have tons of potential but the valuation is completely crazy. There are going to be some pretty pissed off bagholders when that goes down & please don’t come and take it out on us over here because we’ll be busy counting the money we earned on $FCAC because we were patient. Best wishes! ✌🏼
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