$FCEL December 17 Bidders are asked to file a notice of intent by this Tuesday — December 17, 2020. Full proposals are due Jan. 15, 2020. The 20 microgrids are part of a larger state regulatory requirement that PG&E secure 716.9 MW of resource adequacy capacity. In a presentation before the California Public Utilities Commission last week, PG&E said that the microgrids are expected to keep power flowing to thousands if not tens of thousands of customers per substation during a power shutoff. The utility hopes to cut the number of customers that lose power by nearly one-third, compared to its October 29 ‘public service power shutoff’ (PSPS), the term California uses to describe de-energizing power lines so that they won’t spark wildfires. From October 26-November 1, PG&E cut power to about 941,000 customers, the highest count for the wildfire season.
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