@RubenFeffer @Ehud8. I understand but yall have to understand that the the 6,000,000 square feet factory that lordstown owns, is being renovated, and restructured as we speak. If a company can make a pickup that directly competes with the cybertruck while being only 5000$ more then the competition should be worth way more then 3.8 billion. If we adjusted tesla battery and everything then thi pickup segment should be worth no more then 10 billion dollars. So In my opinion the entire company is a bubble that should be worth at most 100 billion dollars. Thanks for coming to my ted talks.
@Ehud8 @Idkwattodo Please elaborate on what makes it a $20 stock? They don’t make anything yet. And I’m not comparing wkhs and lordstown. They are both in the same boat now. Even if they produce the order vehicles on time, which won’t be easy, doesn’t mean they will make money. Look at NIO. They delivered like 30k vehicles and they have a negative 1.16 billion operating income. People are to short term hyped on these EV stocks. They are really 10-20 year plays. Everyone now acting like they are a sure thing when they haven’t even made anything yet. Silly.
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