$GNUS This is a scam stock Read the financials and look at their bonus structure I know basic accounting and corporate finance is complex for you simpletons but their mechanics and timing of stock dilution and their C-suit bonus structure are glaring red flags not to touch this stock No one sane hedge fund would come near such a penny stock when there’s hundreds of thousands of better companies to allocate capital towards Only greedy desperate get rich quick retail who lack the ability to understand data, SEC filings and follow blindly would invest into this It’s the perfect scam shell company Too much data and public information not to be ignored Do not invest in this
@MarketGeniusFox This one recent filling out of many 13f fillings is an example showing you’re an idiot and don’t know what the fck you’re talked about. It’s not worthy to debate dumb lying piece of shit short like you so Blocked and good bye