$BSV.X $BSV.X $BTC.X anyone who keeps harping on Craig not being able to code is a dummy. Having owned and sold a business I can say that I had people do work for me that could do certain things better than I could...my role was to create a vision and a plan and execute by bringing the right people together. Craig doesn’t have to be the greatest coder..that argument is irrelevant. Kleiman and Finneh were the expert coders...fact. If you’re in it for the money and wondering if BSV has more to go...watch this and decide for yourself...if Craig is Satoshi and the recent 400 docs including Tulip III submission is proof of access to Satoshi coins, BTC is fucked and BSV is going to overtake BTC...fact. Fact Judge vacated sanctions against Craig after seeing the Tulip III submission...why cuz it’s real! 🌷 youtube.com/watch?v=3nFKIHm...
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