$SPY At least with the patterns portrayed in the last six months, I expect a V-shape recovery on Monday. There should be some turbulence after that through Sept 17th however which can be good for bears and VIX products. So my plan of action is to rebuy some of the 3x bear I sold today at cheaper prices on Monday/Tuesday if it happens. If we continue to have downward movement (I doubt it) I will continue to unload more of the 3x bear I still have, but try to empty out my 3x bear by Thursday (and load up albeit a smaller amount of 3x bull). On longer term projection, I see rally after Sept 17th, with (finally) a real 5+% correction late October, then a rally thru EOY/Feb2022. That 'real correction' in October should be even bigger for $QQQ bringing NASDAQ closer to 14000. You bet I'd load up on 3x bull like crazy if that happened.