$DARE BV1 has best in class positive Phase 3 results and NDA is about to be filed this month and these clowns are talking that it'll be under $1. Not to mention DARE also has two other late clinical stages in Ovaprene and Sildenafil Cream. I'm fine with the price action going either direction but it blows my mind how these bears with a few thousands think this company is worth is low. $ATOS is at $4.57 a share right now and it isn't anywhere as close as $DARE. 🚀🚀🚀🚀
@ImCereal Go eat another bowl of your mom's cereal...while us grown ups prepare to make a sh$T ton of money. If you empty out your piggy bank you still might be able to buy 10-20 shares...if you act fast enough.