$XERS Reading over the need for a 2nd EIH glucagon study I actually agree with the FDA and think it is good for us and the diabetic patient in the long run. Our first study only looked at micro glucagon dosing in the type 1 insulin pump population. That leaves out a HUGE portion of insulin using diabetics. The new study will be in Type 2 diabetics receiving insulin via pump and multiple daily injections (MDI) & Type 1 diabetics receiving insulin via MDI. If the study goes well it should make our product MUCH easier to get approved, but just as important our future patients and prescribers will actually know how the product works regardless of type 1 or 2 diabetic or whether they inject their insulin or use a pump. This should give patients and providers comfort to try our product and have a reasonable expectation for how it will work for them. It might find that different groups have different dosing or administration requirements which would be good to know up front.