$CCIV ...I had to. I put about 80% of my bank into this back when I bought at 14 dollars. I had 2000 shares and dipped in and out with various amounts to secure profits. Im down to just 200 shares after buying back in at 40 dollars and that even ties up a nice chunk of change. If you day trade there is just soo many stocks where that money can make bigger gains elsewhere. But...yeah I totally fuked up pulling out to early with my shares, but once again I trade full time and needed the capital elsewhere. Best wishes to us all and yeah a long term hold that rocks
$CCIV anyone saying “don’t be afraid to secure some profits” is really giving some poor advice. Why on earth would you sell shares @$50 when in a week or less they are 98% guaranteed to be worth $60-$90. This totally negates the benefit of getting shares at a cheap price. 1000 shares at @$20 sold at @50 is 30k profit. Now if this thing runs up to $80 a share you are no different than the guy who bought a 1000 shares @$50. Picking up what I’m throwing down? Just a little perspective for your ass.
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