$SPY We need a new public policy in this country. Choose your taxes. If you want to pay 60% in taxes (and those funds can be used for free housing, food, healthcare, and college tuition for both citizens and illegal immigrants), choose "Tax Plan G" (for generous). If you want to pay 20% in taxes (and those funds used for national defense, essential government personnel, minimal social welfare programs that only provide for those unable to work, etc.), choose "Tax Plan FC" (for fiscally conservative). Let's see how many Progressives pony up. I bet hardly any. Why are their dreams to provide everything for everybody--without the means or willingness to pay--my problem? If they want "free stuff" for all...they should all be making generous gifts (beyond their required taxes) to the federal government for redistribution. I've not heard of one single progressive mailing a check to the government for "the greater good".
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