$SAM Huge beer lover here. The problem with this company isn't that the beer is "bad". The problem is that it's truly mediocre. They had no competition 10 years ago (on a relative basis). Maybe Blue Moon or Hoegarden...but not much else. The market was dominated by garbage beer (Bud, Miller, etc). In the last 5 years, literally endless amazing craft brewers popped up. Everything from Tired Hands (Ardmore, PA) to Drekker to Evil Twin to Burley Oak to Imprint to 903 to 450 North to Untitled Art to Monkish to Trillium and on and on... Tough to increase sales when new and much higher quality beers from other Brewers are constantly popping up. And they at least dominated seltzer in the beginning. Now every single microbrewery is getting into the hard seltzer game. I see them losing significant market share there going forward. Really tough sledding in a saturated sector when your competition is upping their game all the time and you are just standing there. Adapt or die. 🤕