$SPY $QQQ $XBI So the Sony CEO sent an internal memo talking about abortion. My question... WHY?! 🀦 The only memo the CEO of Sony should send should talk about TVs and PlayStation. 🧐 C-suite executives need to learn to STFU about social issues and focus on having their employees offer the best service or make the best products. ☝️ That's what CEOs need to do. Stop talking about climate change, insurrections, wars, etc. Just improve the product your company sells or improve the service (or both) and STAY OUT OF POLITICAL ARGUMENTS. Costco seems to be one of the few companies that completely stays out of political commentary. Look at how well they do. I bet their CEO sends memos about improving the brand. How hard is that?! 🀦 End of discussion. twitter.com/jasonschreier/s...