$ADSK $SBUX $UAA $MCD Trade Executions, 11-27 ADSK: Anticipatory Breakdown (longed short-dated OTM puts on the morning rising wedge ... was ITM on the breakdown but wasn't seeing follow through from the sellers ... eventually cut positions due to prem decay; L) SBUX: False Breakdown (closed partial; multiple OTM calls now ITM; still holding the longer-dated ones; W) UAA: Anticipatory Breakdown (saw supply on the tape on each swing high and shorted with commons on the third swing high risking off pHOD; right idea, wrong timing; a better trader would've re-entered or possibly average up; L) MCD: Anticipatory Breakout (+7R huge winner; as mentioned in prev post, beaten down fast foods (SHAK/MCD/YUM/SBUX) were catching a bid all of Tuesday; longed 195C's near prior close for this Friday because of how light premiums were in this short week (DTE: <10 hours); scaled out during the morning lift 120%/320%/600% and still holding some for Friday; know your groups!; W) Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
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