$EROS Part 2 ...Enter EROS/STX, with its huge legacy library of 30 years in the making, our looooong list of partnerships, yet to be released cutting edge OTT platform and rapidly growing sub#s. Not to mention the first Bollywood /Hollywood merge. Assuming we have 60- 75 mil., paying subs and 250-300 mil., non-paying subs in 1.5-2 years, with the potential for Ad revenue makes us a target for acquisition while the SP is low imo. Even with a 10.00 SP our market cap would be less than 4 billion. C,mon HULU valued at 15 Billion?? With takeover premiums of media companies surging up to 55% in the current environment, if the Big players wait too long, what valuation will they be forced to pay? At 4 Billion -$20.00 BO price, 6 Billion -$30.00 BO price? This is gonna be fun to watch.
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