Are you a stock investor or an option speculator/gambler? Are you gambling with unknown, unproven companies or using high quality stocks as your base? Did you match the S&P last year? Did you know that Covered Calls with a 3% return in 30 days or less would outpace the S&P? When we use Covered Calls, we are selling you the option and keeping your money no matter what happens. There is a reason that investing professionals use this well known, conservative strategy to produce income on stocks they own. We find the best, highest quality strategies every day and send them to our subscribers. Take a look at our $DISH trade. The stock was below our purchase price but we made a profit of 3.6%. Somebody put $218.00 into our account that was ours to keep forever. We use S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and Russell 2000 stocks when they are gaining momentum. These are known names, high volume stocks like $AMD, $ENPH, $AMRN. We often have 5% downside protection in our trades. This works, you need to try it.
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