$SPY Participate in the index that is the bellwether of all indexes with a conservative Covered Call. All you need is 100 shares at a cost of $30,446.00. Too much? Try 100 shares of $SPXL at $40.11 or only $4,011.00. Wait! It gets even better. If you buy the shares and then Sell to Open 1 Call, strike $38, price $3.90, exp July 17, you are actually buying the shares at $36.21 at discount of 9.7%. If $SPXL is at $38 or above in 18 days you keep a net profit of $148.00. $SPXL can drop 9.7% before you lose any capital. You can Sell a higher strike for more income but the downside will be less. Every investor needs to know how to use the Covered Call Strategy and we use it every day to generate income. We use high quality stocks that we would like to keep long term and right now we are using stocks beaten down like airlines $LUV, casinos $MGM, retail and restaurants. Want to learn more? Follow us and contact us via private message. This may be a great time to get in at a market bottom.