$BTAI You can thank SunTrust Robinson Humphrey's Robyn Karnauskas for pumping the stock up 55% in one day back in February with her insane $150 PT. I don't know how your guys' sentiments about the company was then, back when it was $24/share, but I never thought it was a bloated PT based on the market value of the indications the company sought for BXCL501. And now, that PT is not only looking more and more probable, but also quite conservative even! Looks like SunTrust is participating in the underwriting of the offering once again...God knows what Robyn will upgrade her PT to if it gets to $150 or even triple digits...$300+?! HC Wainwright might have the current highest PT of $200 on this, but Robyn is the one who gave it a triple-digit PT ever since it was in the $20s! She's been one of the earliest and truest $BTAI acolytes!
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