$UXIN Online Big ticket item purchase - US Investors and media tend to underestimate Chinese's adaptation speed on Digital Transactions and technologies - IF Uxin can pull this off and become a Trust agent for used-car transaction, Uxin definitely will be a household name for used car purchase in China for a long time, just like Alipay and Wechat-Pay on digital payment. FYI, back in 2018, I was shocked to find out most mom/pop stores in the small town/Village I backpacked thru next to Kazakhstan border in the NW corner of XinJiang province actually preferred digital payment than hard cash, when I was there in 2016 it was cash transaction only. Also in 6/2019, I was able to use Alipay to donate 50rmb to a street singer in Chengdu..... It is simply mind-blowing to witness the digital transformation in China social life in past 5 years. Online big item purchase will be next and I am sure 2021Q3/Q4 ER's will provide +predictable data to clear the way for Uxin to rocket.
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