$THBR This is all I have to say for now, people saying this could fall after the ticker changes like EV makers have? It could but its a bad comparison to compare Indie to EV makers, Indie CEO said on Cramer they are profiting during the chip shortage, most of these EV makers will have little to no revenues for years, and most will show big losses for years, Indie is a Semiconductor stock, semiconductor stocks make a ton of money, they will be adding Lidar and other technology but they have already shipped over 100 million units and have a backlog of over $2 billion, its took them 10 years to get to this point, no shortcuts, no easy way for competition to jump in and steal the customers, which include almost every major auto maker. This company is unique and has a world class management company, it’s really hard to compare it with any other SPAC deal, I would say NVDA would be a better comparison then all those money losing EV makers?