Good list, hope the best for $HYLN and $RIDE getting their factories going. However, I’m comforted that from this list, only my $FSR baby has production agreement with Tier 1 auto OEM like $MGA.
$TTCF $FSR $VLDR $LCA $HCCH For our followers, we've updated our spac target list which shows the recent price performance by most spacs with definitive agreement signed, including those with recent merger completions, e.g. RIDE, FSR, HYLN, MPLN, etc. On average, EV and EV related spac are still down by 26.9% and all spacs down by 20.7% since their recent highs. The spac space is no longer a sector for easy profits as only the quality ones have held up their price during and after the merger. EV and EV related spacs are still the strongest of all sectors. The general observation remains that if a spac did not have an initial spike after target announcement, it is very difficult for that spac to have substantial price increase afterwards.
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