$VXRT Can we have a Meeting of the OGs. Haha. My take here - it’s like CODX hit job all over again. Except with them it was a lame news source and this is NYT. Which might hurt more. Took CODX months to recover but they did and are poised to surpass even that level. NOTHING in article discredits the science. Here are the real questions here - 1) Will this take a hit Monday? Yes. How much I cannot say. I agree a lot of this might have been built in last week. 2) Has the long term PT changed at all? No. Same 20+ short term and 50 long term. 3) in theory can you swing the dip and buy back? Of course, but can you time it exactly right? So hard. This CEO is more aggressive and may release something mid Monday. I’m scared id be out waiting to buy that dip and end up in a worse position. TLDR - It’ll dip, you probably can’t perfectly time the swing (if you can, good for you!) so just hold if you think nothings changed.
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@JMUCanes I could agree more. I keep saying the science hasn't changed over night. I you were confident before, then you should forge on. If people need a reminder that $VXRT is a company with some very intelligent scientist. Here is a video from 2018, long before Covid19 they will stay the course, and so should you or you will miss out. youtube.com/watch?v=tuAQZoR...
@JMUCanes P.S sorry for my typos, my phone likes to change my words for me sometime, other times my brain works faster than my fingers πŸ˜πŸ“ˆπŸ€‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’Š