$SELB here’s my story for anyone that cares, was at 42,000 shares, day the war broke out I also got more clarity on what I owed in taxes which was a little higher than anticipated to say the least, so in a side account I sold 5000 of my 7,500 shares at 1.7, dropped me down to 37,000 shares, after today purchases at .6925 I now am back to 38,750 shares and as I get a few more paychecks and bonuses, still have a goal to get to 50k+ shares. Working my way back up to goal and as long as we stay below 1.7 I’ll save a little coin in the process. Certainly not rooting against us tho, I’ll take the rocket ride at anytime but will be adding back at lower cost in the meantime. Current average around 3.25 :( but working to drop that.