$TSLA everyone knows I shorted last night for a hold. I’m still here saying this is the most criminally manipulated stock around. 4% PM drop like really? Immediately after letting it finally run? I find success because I trade the mani. They run it to unload the calls they owned and then kill retail on the ones they wrote. Rinse and Repeat. Just for transparency to some and out principal I did take 25 off the table for an oversized dip off my long short. Will add it back today, but hoping gap fills back up. It’s peanuts really, but even though this came after a tiny starter position of 75 with plans to go to 700, I have to follow my own trading rules. even if just continues to fall today with no bounce. Almost embarrassing to post this as I day trade 300-500 shares at a time daily on first entry. But I’m showing to show some I’m helping that even if this came unexpectedly on a tiny starter short position being held that it’s important to stay with what works for you once find it
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