$WKHS Good, that's where it belongs. This Lordstown story is a **** scam
$WKHS The plant sale was a yuge catalyst that we were all waiting for. Boom, the stock price shot up, was even halted there for a minute. After much profit-taking, coupled with a poor ER, here we are back at 3, with the price actually having dipped well below 3 a few times during this euphoria. Unfortunately, I believe we are back in that pattern where we're waiting for the next catalyst, whatever that may be, and the daily short-selling will probably resume just as it was over the last couple of months or so. And unfortunately, I have a feeling it's going to resume starting Monday. Until the next catalyst, or true production from Workhorse et-al, there's really no true buying pressure. There's nothing new that could come out that everyone doesn't already know. I hope I'm wrong, but get ready for life back in the 2's. :-\
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