$AMC ...Hope all of you know that the issue right now is more then just the HF, the SEC should be the one's to have an internal investigation done within...they are as corrupt as it gets and until they get put in check, this will drag on, and the government won't do shit because they're sleeping with the enemy as well, from the beginning of time, the one rule is MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS. IMO and this is not financial advise, it's going to take an extremely long time before you see 100$. I've been here since the 11's and bought more along the way...it's just deflating to see how much rich people don't give a flying fuck about retail investors, apes, and whatever else. They would shit on their own kids if needed.... They stormed the wrong building at the beginning of the year, it should have been the SEC building... I would so beat the shit out of all of them... Same old story, buy and Hold