@Invest_Ment I’m assuming you are also the Gary over on YMB. Its amazing the trash and filth that gets spammed on that board and yet management does nothing to bring this to SEC attention, to call it out, or combat it in any way. Shocking they have such blatant disregard for their current shareholders. Anything interesting coming in the upcoming podcast?
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$SLS @cb5000calls Yes it is. On Yahoo finance each post has ... on the far right where you can report the abusive, liable and inappropriate posts! I have gotten a number removed. Mission was once spamming Stocktwits but was run off the site. He found a new home at yahoo. $SLS should sue some of the most liable, obvious BASHERS and Yahoo for being complacent! What you will find is management at $SLS are excellent scientists but need to be better marketers and go on the offensive. Put some of the stock manipulators in JAIL! @secazar @HesterPeirce @Sec_Enforcement @SteveFDA