These days when I sit down to review my charts for the coming week... What should take me 5 mins to review one chart, often turns into an hour. I'm so in awe at how prices move, that I stop to think about how insignificant and primitive our narratives are, in a universe that's so precisely coordinated in time and price. It's hard to put into words how beautiful the whole thing is. Just because it follows mathematics, does not make it manipulation. After all, nature is mathematics. Turns out price is too. Or perhaps price is simply another branch of nature. So rather than complain, study it, learn to respect it. 2020 has been a year of discovery. And in 2021 I will finally get round to writing that damn book amongst other projects I've already started.
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@Cookie_M you’re one of the only people on StockTwits thar knows what they’re doing. We’re big fans and followed you for years - you don’t get the praise you deserve. But from me and the team thank you for all you’ve done
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