$LCA "The company’s focus on iGaming (online casinos) rather than just sports betting may offer a clearer path to success. Names like DraftKings and Penn National are trying to dominate the lower-margin online sportsbook space. GNOG’s focus on the casino end of online gambling could pay off, as more states legalize iGaming. So, what’s the call? The jury’s still out. Those who want to bet LCA proves its critics wrong may want to tread carefully. So far, I’ve been bearish on the prospects of LCA stock. But, I concede there’s a bull case to be made. The odds GNOG climbs to the top of the gambling heap remain long. But, this company could still win big, even if it grabs just a small piece of the market. It’s no slam-dunk,though. For one, it’s questionable whether the combined company will have enough cash to fuel growth to $1 billion p.a. in revenue. Based on pro forma financial statements, the company will have just $80 million in cash once the deal closes." Thomas Niel
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