$ATNF If you think this 10k (that was just released) is only a SEC financial reporting document, you’re misinformed... I encourage any serious investor to print off the entire 10k and study it. Pages 29, 30 & 31 discuss the “a7nAChR platform”... leaning on 18 former studies from 2,670 subjects to “repurpose” this science to treat diseases (not previously studied) and with a novel (newly developed drug) is pure genius I think... ANVS utilized older science (phosiphen) when creating ANVS401 & ANVS403 and have been extremely successful in procuring new patents and have produced very successful phase II trials And we see how ANVS stock has reacted by rallying 1,800% in the past year.... I’m telling you guys, ATNF is on to something truly big here. The stock share price will react accordingly within the next few short weeks. be smart.... BUY IT WHILE IT’S CHEAP