$AABB Monday is MAIL OUT DAY together we will flood the VP with intel on what the MM's like CDEL & JANE are doing and INCLUDE in the letter we wan't ALL THE AABB MM counterfeit ''naked short'' shares covered in FULL!! Monday is AABB retail Investor awareness DAY! SEND OUT LETTERS on Monday and Saturday is ok if you're on the West Coast!! LG!
@Islanders71 We should probably draft a letter and all use it and mail out on the same day, otherwise things may get lost in translation imo. I would also suggest targeting a few Congress members with the same letter.....not sure which ones but I'm sure we can find a few that give a shit and maybe have already spoken out. Another spot would be to do the same thing with a few media outlets......I mean if we can legit get several thousand letters all mailed at the same time, saying the same thing......we may have a chance of getting real attention.
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