$TSNP Some of the questions I’m hearing...people, why are we complicating this?Digital wallets and blockchain is the future. Humbl is going into markets not gone into by the US giants. You couldn’t have much better of a CEO like Brian leading you into this. He knows his stuff. He sold all of his crypto and poured into his company. He’s putting his money where his mouth is. Humbl team is also getting stronger, adding some good players. People who understand this stuff. Try writing code like that of their ETX, let alone make money with it. Humbl is going to take a very quick lead. You don’t think PayPal and Square know Humbl exists because it’s trading at $1.00? Think again. That leads me to market valuation. We know we are overpaying for this right now. It hasn’t even really started yet. Here is the potential simply put. Going after the 7 billion people under served. If they grab just 1%, that’s 70m clients. At $500 a customer, that’s $35 billion alone. At $1800 a customer, $126B.