$SNSS B Riley just initiated coverage on ARQL. A buy with PT of $14. Lmfao!! Love it!! That would put ARQL at $1.7B MC....about 35x more than SNSS. Let me frame that for you in a more understandable context. Let’s say you own the Baltimore Ravens. Tom Brady is making $20M a year with Patriots..half of that is because he is married to Gisele. You have an opportunity to sign Tom Brady to the Ravens for 1 year deal..going to cost $35M. Or......you can upgrade Lamar Jackson’s contract. Would cost you $5M over 5 years...$1M a season. What’s it gonna be? 5 years of cost-effective jackpot with Lamar? Or 1 expensive year with Tom...hoping for 1 more year of glory..mostly for nostalgia’s sake. No brainer to me. Gisele ain’t that hot anymore. Be great to get sympathy bounce to start throttle upwards Friday. Happy Thanksgiving you thrifty bastards!!
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