$SNSS not so deep thoughts. 1. 4+ patients...cohorts 100-400mg.. hit response in 40s%..just short of goal...and then just dropped out of trial with progression being occasionally stated as main reason. This includes 2 very valuable patients from 100mg cohort...who exited quietly with stable disease and c481 mutations that Imbrutinib can’t touch. Ask yourself...is this just horrible string of bad luck? (Not likely) Or a result of deviant, anti-shareholder plan via tutes (deep underwater on legacy shares) that need major cost averaging down over multiple times over 1.5 yrs..facilitated by false mgmt narratives via fabricated posters, er calls and press releases that provided excusable cover/logic for massive dips along with massive IO accumulation? (Likeky) 2. You every see a bio hit the last checkbox (effiacy) and then make scrapped P2 plans that everyone knew weren’t happening ..feel like end of story? 3. Cooley couldn’t defend this bullshit in court. 4. Deal coming.