$CEI Monday is Veterans Day so they have from today 7 weekdays and 4 business days to do something. We will see. The blackout in such deals this close to value emergence is normal, though the outcome is normally by this point more clear. The internal battle for power in this has added a new spin to the whole thing. Off of here, I am sure there is a war in play between all involved as there are a lot of upsets going on. I know John Kirkland is not taking to kindly to being made out to be the fall guy of directed blame in this. Even knowing the man is a ruthless investor with no value or morals and for the most part what is said of him is true and offers no apologies for what he is accountable for, but it has come to my understanding he does not care to take anything onto his name he is not directly accountable for and that has been made clear.
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