$CEI I would like to wish all in here a Happy and God blessed Thanksgiving. Myself and those in my group are doing and will be doing all possible to hold all management involved accountable in this which ever way this turns out to conclude. I have a full and complete record of all involved in this reconstruction for the past several years I been sure to take account of everything and I have established a chronicle of all events relating and further established a direct record with the CEO's of their guidance and mission statements. I am sure and confident they are fully aware of this and I am as well sure they know they have two choices at this time either do as they said they are doing to avoid being held accountable or be held accountable. As being nothing is as it appears to be until it appears as it really is. Myself and those with me have held positions as so should this turn out to be a scam we would have a justifiable cause of action to hold all accountable. We will see.
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