$TRNX remember me posting this all week..(show goes on) wont stop, scavengers know nothing else but survival, preying on the weak or uninformed, grabbing crumbs where they can, less experienced, greed tactics on the too kind, money & material things are nothing, ppl/ life = more valuable than anything, if you find the right ones & do things right, rich has different definitions to most than me. Can gain the whole world and lose your soul,when you die you cant take any of that with you,so what did you really accomplish. Only mark we leave in life is what we leave behind with others. Be better than these ppl & this game. If i sell something i will tell you, dont dump unless crazy spike than dont make sense. Small sell spikes dont dump all your shares or half them,dont ruin the env for ya own good. See a bigger picture. Company is trying to make the world a better place.. i have similar goals but ill start with trying to make this board a better place. Invest in ppl,life, good things.
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