$MBRX This study was conducted in a highly aggressive AML mouse model where median survival is approximately 13 days. For animals treated with the combination of Annamycin and Ara- C, median survival ranged from 56 to 76 days, thus expanding median survival by 585%, with some animals being completely cured. The conclusion of the study experiments. "This is a very important discovery that will most likely change the course of development for L-Annamycin," commented Walter Klemp, Chairman and CEO of Moleculin. "While our current AML trials are encouraging and we are seeing significant activity with Annamycin as a single agent in relapsed AML patients, this data makes a compelling case that we should move as quickly as possible to begin a clinical trial in AML for the combination of Annamycin with Ara-C, something we are calling 'AnnAraC.' We believe the future for Annamycin just became even more promising.
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