$I Sooooo, after someone like a Verizon purchases a portion of CBand rights from the FCC’s auction how do they plan on using it? They going to build, deploy, maintain a fleet of satellites themselves? Seems to me you would want to contract that portion to someone that already has birds capable of doing this for them, right? If so, wouldn’t this be a net new revenue stream for companies like Intelsat? First they get compensated to move existing CBand customers to a smaller portion of the wavelength and freeing up the portion of the wavelength they are losing the “rights” to ( whole other legal matter here). If Verizon were to pay Intelsat to provide the CBand backbone to their newly acquired “c-band lease” is this be a bad thing? Does Intelsat currently make money on the C-band licenses they currently lease or for the services they provide under that license? Im no Telecom expert but am I missing something here?
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