$AQST Concerning KemPharm $KMPH. The NDA filing for KP415 is coming up this January and $AQST has an agreement with KMPH (just one more revenue stream) “Aquestive has the right to receive a royalty amount equal to 10% of any value generated by KP415, KP484 or KP879, and any product candidates arising therefrom, including royalty payments on any license of KP415, KP484 or KP879, the sale of KP415, KP484 or KP879 to a third party, the commercialization of KP415, KP484 or KP879 and the portion of any consideration that is attributable to the value of KP415, KP484 or KP879 and paid to us or our stockholders in a change of control transaction. In connection with the KP415/484 License Agreement Aquestive received a royalty equal to 10% of the upfront license payment from us.”
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