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    Jon Boorman, CMT Official Account Joined Jan 07, 2013

    Trend follower, portfolio manager, market technician. Former sales trader to hedge funds/institutions, research analyst, prop trader, buy-side head of desk. Only took 25 years to find what works for me. Always learning.


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      John Daswani Official Account
      Portfolio Manager, Private Investor, Entrepreneur Founder of Alpha Street, Inc. New site, - Site dedicated to providing timely ideas by Pro investors. Free 3mth Trial - Pick Trading Floor | Disc Code Stocktwits2017
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      a h
      Ex IT coder, B.S in C.S, current day day- trading non-confrontational hippie. Believe in something bigger than yourself; strive for honor in actions. Do a good deed each day that you don't get paid for- right on! GL everyone. *Not a Series7 broker.
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      Trend Following Jay
      Trend following investor. Get free weekly stock picks at my website:
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      Charles Rotblut Official Account
      Vice President for the American Association of Individual Investors and AAII Journal Editor. Speaker, WSJ Expert Panelist, regular guest on Your MoneyLife (@MoneyLifeShow), author of Better Good than Lucky, and KU alum.
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      Neeraj Korde
      Interested in trend following and risk management. Learning the rules of the game.
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      Michael Martin Official Account
      Author, The Inner Voice of Trading. Foreword by Ed Seykota. Publisher of Managing Expectations by Tony Saliba. Foreword by Jack Schwager.
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      Dave Nathanson
      General Partner - Hawaiian Shirt Society. When I need to relax, I exit cellphone coverage areas.
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      Anthony Torchia
      Student at Quinnipiac University. Blogger for Dorm Room Capital. On the pursuit of happiness. Check out my website for setups/educational material
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      Danny Merkel
      Trend following trader for over 11 years.
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      Jonathan Smith
      "Maybe one way to improve your results would be to keep the turnover below 50% a year." John M. Templeton
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      CFA charter holder. Angel/startup investor. 15 years as an analyst covering financials at various funds. Now manage a family investment office equities and commercial real estate. I'm frequently wrong so do your own due diligence.
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      Julie VerHage Official Account
      Markets reporter at Bloomberg
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      Will post the positions in my sector rotation account, whose holdings are modified, if need be, every 2 weeks. Positions always rebalanced for risk parity every 2 weeks.
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      Vision without a plan is just a dream. Plan our trades and trade our plans. Business person of the year. Invest in game changers. Using both FA and TA for trading. Equities, ETFs, rarely options.
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      Ivan Beljan CMT
      Fund manager. Stocks, options & cryptocurrencies.
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      Forcerank is a mobile app that gives you a completely new way to test your investment strategy. Compete against your peers & build a reputation as a top investor. Download on Apple's App Store and play now free.
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      The top financial market news right now, as voted by you
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      A. Martinez
      I am an individual trader here to learn and share ideas. Anything I say on here is not to be construed as investment advice. I'm pretty much just talking to myself. The first chart I pull up is the weekly, I believe it is the most important.
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      Dillon Shotwell
      18 Years Old, just here trying to learn new things about stock trading!