$EXPR I'm no expert, but what are the real ramifications of a company being delisted and going to the OTC? Does it truly affect the business or the direction that the business is going? There's a part of me that's not worried about EXPR being delisted b/c they have a few months to get the stock above 1.xx and there will be an ER, plus the holiday season within that time frame. Plus, no telling what could happen with vaccine news and if we see covid case going in a downtrend by the end of the year, even without a vaccine, that can have a positive affect for this stock. Also, I think the business world understands and won't condemn businesses for hitting OTC b/c of covid. There's a big difference in being delisted due to fraud or bad business practices, vs the result of covid. Lastly, there's nothing to say that once you hit OTC, you can't reapply to be re-listed once you meet all the requirements. So the real question is whether you believe EXPR will go BK or not..