$MDRR in @ 1.48, but only picked up 1k shares. Not my typical play but I view the opportunity here a bit differently. Normally, I like to invest in companies with much more established history and the website looks cheesy for MDRR 不不不and these do not look like extravagant properties, etc. However, I like a few of the tenants that are hosted on these properties such as Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, Ashley Furnitures, etc. Now that the world is opening up, eateries, restaurants etc...that should help some tenants on their properties as well. . Also, not to sound harsh, but Marshalls and stores of the like appeal to universal economic classes, especially during an economic down turn...so now that restrictions are fully lifted, folks are back in stores. Altho these aren't my particular stores of choice go to any Marshalls, TJ Max, or Hobby Lobby on the weekend and see how much foot traffic you typically see.....so these tenants can pay rent. Plus, inside buying is a plus