$AMC 💎💎💎💎💎💎 Amc Ape Army tomorrow we unite and put these Bears and HF out. We buy this dio early and often... This guy here. He's a bear I set him in his place, they know nothing... JC4BULLS 2m @Marshedagain Listen up you troll. We know what were up against. No one knows when it will squeeze. But it will, cuz we got them bent over barrel, real good. We own this company, were not paying 26% interest on shares we don't even own so we don't go bankrupt. That's them. Like most Apes, were up a lot. And we notselling, eventually they will cover, and we will be rich bitches So suck it, and u know nothing, stay the hell out of Ape Nation. Were fucking this monkey , your just watching. So just get lost, the rocketskteep the Army positive so douche bag trolls like you can't get in there head.. So sit back and shut up and go watch at AMC, so I can get paid