$TRNX ok.... since there's a few Limp dix that think I just post TWERK videos heres my explanation on what has transpired over the past 2 weeks. This is a 3mon 4hr charts 1st off we are in an uptrend🤫 don't scare the bears. I'm trying to trap. By viewing my chart you will see we filled a gap & came home. When filling the gap the SP did break resistance showing us she has the potential. Support is RISE towards a break out. (PREDICTION) NOW... receipt of the 1st royalty payment from TRNF will send the SP > 3.00 this stock can rise 400%-1000% by spring -summer 2020 Yes it will fall between $4.00-10.00. In hoping for 7.00-10.00 by the summer. Now if TRNX present us "the shareholds" a water contract from the UE region or any US medical conglomerate my Fall 2020 we will soar endlessly. Lastly TRNX is pushing to because the Darling of the NYSE. This can happen if TRNX release a water contract. Ok it's time for fantasy FOOTBALL peace
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